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What is LCL and FCL? 

what is LCL and FCL

LCL stands for Less than Container Load (LCL) and is suitable for shipping a small amount of goods from China to Singapore. If you choose LCL shipping, your goods will share a container with other products, and it is likely they will be handled or move more than if you choose the Full Container Load (FCL) shipping.

LCL shipping is a good choice if your goods are suitable for being shipped in a shared container, not urgently required, and if the goods occupy less than six standard pallets. Conversely, if your goods could be easily damaged, are unsuitable for shipping in a share container and are required in Singapore on a specific date and time, the LCL option is not the best choice.

FCL shipping on the other hand involves paying a flat rate for rental and transportation of a shipping container from China to Singapore. For large consignments, it is usually the most cost-effective shipping option, occupying at least six pallets in a 20ft container or 12 standard pallets in a 40ft container.

FCL shipping is a good option if your goods must arrive in Singapore by a specific time and date. It’s also a good option if you can fill half the capacity of a standard 20ft shipping container and if your goods are unable to be shipped in a shared container.